Our mission

The values that have always accompanied us are: reliability, competence, humanity.
Being a healthy company means being able to provide a state-of-art service and that requires not all the technicalities to be perfectly performed, but to have a precise vision made up of values in which to blindly believe.
Assemblaggio e test di apparati ottici - bellini tiziana, modigliana
This is why today as yesterday our Human Capital represents our real strength.

Our company was born in the early 90s from the tenacity, competence and experience in the world of electronics of Tiziana Bellini.

Over time, the company has grown, the number of collaborators has increased, and we have added the Modigliana headquarters to the historic headquarters in Via Tredoziese.

Not only highly qualified technicians, not just personnel, but vivid minds who act cohesively moved by the same values that once founded Bellini Tiziana and made it what it is today.

We are like an electronic board: each component must be in the right place and powered in the right way to express all its power.

Connect to the future.