Our team

No “communication” is possible without Human Capital.
This is why we are so good at creating “connections”.
Palli Morena, Bellini Tiziana Srl

Morena Palli

Piani Nico, Bellini Tiziana Srl

Nico Piani

Billi Daniele, Bellini Tiziana Srl

Daniele Billi

Bonoli Sara, Bellini Tiziana Srl

Sara Bonoli

Bambi Daniela, Bellini Tiziana Srl

Daniela Bambi

Salvatori Luca, Bellini Tiziana Srl

Luca Salvatori

Amaretti Roberto, Bellini Tiziana Srl

Roberto Amaretti

Gentilini Angela, Bellini Tiziana Srl

Angela Gentilini

We deeply believe in People and in the incredible potential lives in each of the individual members of the Bellini Family.
assemblaggio moduli elettronici bellini tiziana

Even behind a company with an important history and expertise like Bellini there are, first of all, valuable people who contribute, each one of them with their singularities, to create a single large cohesive group.

We love what we do. We love what we have become.
Together since 1990 we have been taking our steps every day towards a common goal: connect new worlds to each other, helping them to build the story of our customers.

Let’s meet!