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Bellini Tiziana S.r.l. has a staff of 45 people specialized in products and services related to electronic and electromechanical subcontracting.
The main sectors are RF for telecommunication, automotive, medical and industrial machinery.
Specifically, we can support you in:
Installazione meccanica di schede elettroniche Bellini Tiziana

Mechanical installation of electronic boards

Board completion and precision welding, board mechanical assembly, smd and pth component assembly.
Connettorizzazione di cavi coassiali Bellini Tiziana

Connectorization of coaxial cables

Assembly, precision, machining, automatic machining of coaxial and multipolar cables, custom wiring on electronic devices, coaxial wiring tests.
Assemblaggio pannelli con cablaggi

Assembly of panels with wiring

Collaudo di schede, moduli, apparati e cablaggi

Testing of boards, modules, equipment and wiring

Programmazione microcontrollori

Microcontroller programming

Centraline per macchine operatrici con joystick

Control units for operating machines with joystick

Lavorazione su fibre ottiche

Working on optical fibers

Optical joints, optical tests of fusion joints.
Cablaggi di vario genere, elettrici e per automotive Bellini Tiziana

Wiring of various kind, wiring for automotive

Electrical wiring, low power electrical cable assemblies.
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